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My name is John Allen and I’m an Illustrator and Designer. My work is a collision of both animal and human influences. Strength, individuality, agility, elegance, & grace. I attended school at California College of the Arts in San Francisco majoring in Fashion Design. It was there that I honed in my vision. I worked on every project I could, including a partnership with The Goodwill that promoted sustainability and repurposing fabrics that had been discarded. Despite my accolades, my true vision is to change manufacturing into a sustainable fashion. My goal is to inspire the masses with my craft.

I love deconstructing the undesired and breathing new life into my garments. I am meticulous, even down to the texture of each embellishment. It was the smell of stale fabric while watching my grandmother (Virgie Farmer) deconstruct classic womenswear that sparked my initial love affair with fashion. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were caring for animals, and vintage shopping with Virgie. She was a Performance Artist, and serves as a primary inspiration to my overall aesthetic.  The other dominating inspiration in my life is my Mother, and the thread of her essence is apparent in all of my pieces. I grew up watching her create bold whimsical hairstyles, and her work is nothing short of pure art-form. It was that edgy brilliance paired with memories of Virgie that I will always attribute to the vision of my lines.

Thank you for your interest and consideration. With your support, we can take Jolleson to the next level, and make my dream of becoming an international fashion designer a reality.